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Kód produktu: METIVision

METIVision – a fully integrated, digital audio-visual management system that is data-synchronized in real-time for use with CAE Healthcare simulators. METIVision is the only solution available with the capability not only to capture and store simulation data, but to broadcast and review any medical simulation exercise using CAE Healthcare simulators. Physiologic datalogs, event logs, pharmacology logs and patient monitoring data – METIVision offers the capability to provide a complete record of your simulation exercise for debriefing, assessment and evaluation. METIVision is compatible with both CAE Healthcare and non-CAE Healthcare patient simulators. METIVision offers a complete audio/video management system including:

  1. Ability to visualize and control the system from a central location
  2. Support for real-time (30 fps) video and audio streams
  3. Record and replay the entire simulation for facilitated debriefing and after-action review.
  4. Broadcast simulation to internal and external locations
  5. Place-shift and time-shift the simulation recording
  6. Integration and synchronization of simulation recording with patient simulation logs and patient monitor to provide a complete objective record and establish "ground truth" for debriefing, assessment, and evaluation
  7. Patient-centric recording to follow patient through treatment over multiple locations in support of METI LiVE
  8. Room-centric recording to follow action in a specific location
  9. Observe and switch between multiple camera views (real-time, time-shifted) with zoom in/out capability
  10. Support to multiple streams (per-node/level of care location in either a METI LiVE or a CPTS system)